July 7/8/9   2018

Apple and pear ciders

Apple and pear Brandys

An event for the industry


Caen, the Capital of Normandy, welcomes CIDREXPO  July 7/8/9  2018. An event for the industry.

Cider is a growing drink through-out the world. Normandy is not only known for its history, it is also the heart of Europe for the cider production. Brewed for milleniums and made by producers that have selected varieties that the world envies. Cider now needs its own professionnal event.

Cidrexpo is meant to be the world cider forum, a place to trade,  products and know-how.



Who is invited to  Cidrexpo:


  •  3000 apple and pear cider producers from 25 countries
  • 150 apple and pear Brandy distillers
  • 60 000 public visitors (July 7th)
  • 30 000 buyers from retail shops to supermarkets
  • Equipment makers, from harvest to bottling: Harvesters, press, pumps, vats, stills...
  • Apple and pear nurseries, able to provide the world with scions
  • Services for the industry: labs, importers, councelers...

Cidrexpo is not just a place to sample other products and for shopping, it is also a forum. We've planned 10 technical conferences by oenologists and scientists.

On the general public day exhibitors can sell their products to the visitors


I want to:

General public entrance fee (7 july): 5€

Professionnal public entrance fee (7-8-9 july): 50€

Why coming to Cidrexpo

  • Meet trend makers (International bartender assocation IBA, bloggers, chefs...)
  • Meet unique producers (Disgorged ciders, single varieties cider, traditional ciders, Calvados...)
  • Meet major buyers ( 30 000 invited)
  • Plan your meetings and secure you buisness

On top of that

Caen is in Normandy in France on the northern west coast of France. It is the capital of Normandy and is renowned for its history, from the vikings to WWII. It is also in the heart of the French apple cider growing area. 

Cidrexpo will take place 7/8/9 July 2018 in Caen. We've planned that date for you to: